Praise for Casa de Naomi Reflections Interactive Blog - by Paula Rose Michelson

Since the blog’s opening two and a half weeks ago, three people have praised it! As you read their comments, I hope you will realize how unique this blog is and that its success depends upon your participation in its discourse. After you read the postings, please read my “Meet the Author” post, and tell me something about yourself. I will post your comments on Wednesday, so that everyone involved in this blog will get to know each other as friends do.

This week a viewer wrote, “Glad I stumbled upon this blog cause I've never seen anything like it before. Hope I’m able to catch the next one.”

Last week the blog received two noteworthy comments:
• “This touched my heart.”
• “Lovely blog. I’ll visit it again.”

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  1. Terri says:
    October 24, 2011 at 11:13 PM

    Hi! i finally got my computer running. Pray that all the kinks and bugs are worked out! Now I'm learning about blogging. Please forgive if I do anything wrong. I have been reading your first book and can't put it down. Really am enjoying it and am almost finished. Are there really husbands out there like Chaz or does the girl have to be sooo beautiful to get that treatment? Good question, huh? I found myself relating to Florita a lot pgs 136-143. Really enjoyed that part of the book. Her being noticed by Naomi for one, and understood as a person was very heartwarming. Thank you Paula.

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