Rescued or Not…Naomi Forges Ahead, by Paula Rose Michelson

When we left Naomi, it seemed that her plans were thwarted. 

Have you ever been in a situation like that? If you have, remember back, if not, think of something you wanted or something you wished would go away. Now ask yourself:

Were you able to control the outcome?

Did you need someone’s help?

What would you have given up to get what you wanted or wished for?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter One Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~

“She has no sponsor. We must send her back to Spain.”

“But she says she has no people,” a man she could not see said.

“I tried to call the lady but was told she was out,” the small man said.

Naomi saw the large man wait while the man she had not seen left the office. Then he turned to his associate. “I told you not to speak about that!”

“It doesn’t make any difference. I left a message, but there’s no one to help the girl.” He looked at his watch. “We can’t wait any longer. It’s already five thirty. The office should have closed half an hour ago.

The large man glanced at his watch. “You’re right. We can’t wait any longer. Ask her to come in.”

The teenager was certain they were going to send her back and muttered, “Oh, Adonai, I cannot go back there!” When she heard her own words, she thought, Perhaps in America I should speak with Adonai in English, so she pled, “Oh, God, please help me … I cannot go back there!”

An old woman sat down next to her. “Would you like to stay in America?”

Si!” Naomi wondered where the old woman had come from and why she had asked her such a question. She feared that the woman might not understand her, so she switched to English. “I mean, yes, I would. I would love to stay.”

The old woman smiled. “I will arrange it for you.”

Naomi gasped. Maybe God is watching out for me after all!

The small man stuck his head out of the door to the office, caught Naomi’s eye, and motioned for her to enter as he left.

When she stood, the old woman rose as well. “Say nothing,” the old woman whispered. “Let me talk.” They walked into the office together.

In seconds, Naomi and the old woman stood before the large man. He frowned. It seemed to her that the lines on his face were so deeply etched that he had never heard of the word smile. This man has the power to send me back to a life I wish never to see again, she told herself while she tried to steady her wobbly legs.

The man pointed toward the chairs, which faced his desk. “Sit down please. We have very little time.”
He fixed his dark eyes on the old woman. “Since you did not answer your phone, I thought you might be done with this business.”

“You know how it is with me, Victor.” She reached into her oversized purse and handed him a sheaf of papers.

Sí, claro.” Victor seemed to smile with relief as he replaced the girl’s official papers with the documents the woman had handed him. “Still looking for that special one, eh, Tía?”

“But of course.”

He reviewed the documents. “I see you are still using the same lawyer.”

“Yes. He is able to help me in my work.”

Victor turned his attention to Naomi. “This lady will vouch for you so you can stay here. Would you like to stay in America?”

Sí, I would like to stay very much.” She peeked at the old woman. She looks just like mi tía Rosa, the same stark white hair, the same small frame, the same dignity of bearing, the same edge to her voice, and, I am certain, the same caring heart.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Authors Comment ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Like each of us thrown into a precarious situation, Naomi does not know what will happen next. Yet she forges ahead. Why? Perhaps fear, failure, and the unknown are better options than she had before. For some, the lure of the future offsets the situations they are faced with if the situation they face is of their own doing. As we read, we see that this seems to be our heroines’ frame of mind.

However, one wonders how a fifteen year old finds the fortitude to go on. Perhaps it is because leaving her family as she did, she knows she cannot go back. Perhaps it is because her wishful thinking affirms her choice.

Perhaps we will find out next week.

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