If What You Wish and Pray for Came True, Then What? by Paula Rose Michelson

I  am certain that each of us has wished or prayed that a particularly difficult situation or issue would change or magically evaporate leaving no trace or memory of its existence. That is Naomi’s issue. And it is because she takes matters into her own hands that what you are about to read happens.

As before here are some thought questions you might want to reflect upon as you see what happens to our heroine.

What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?

Where you alone?

Was the problem resolved?

 (Since you saw Tía rescue Naomi from immigration, I’ve moved to the scene on the bus.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Text – Continued~~~~~~~~~~

When Naomi did not respond, her sponsor turned to pat her hand. Naomi glimpsed a manacle around Tía’s wrist and knew she must flee. She began to stand. The old woman felt her move, grabbed her hand in a vice-like grip, pulled her into her seat, and handcuffed their wrists together.

Naomi froze. Her heart beat so fast she feared she would pass out. She opened her mouth to scream. No one would do this to someone who is here legally. If you scream, you will end up back at immigration and you will be deported. Forcing herself to act calm, she closed her mouth and said nothing. When the lady sitting behind her asked her a question, she bit her lip, shook her head, and tried to look relaxed. Aware that she was trapped, a feeling of resignation washed over her as she upbraided herself for having mistaken the old woman for kindness itself.

She stared at her sponsor, spotted a Catholic church through the window behind the woman and was horrified. Spanish Harlem, she thought, I left Spain for religious freedom but have to hide here just as I did there. Fear of the religious community’s reprisals if they discovered her faith, coupled with the situation she now faced, caused her to flush scarlet. When she did she realized that the old tía could see her thoughts and feelings when she looked at her face.

Tía smiled, nodded at her, and cooed, “Now we will have lots of time to talk.”

Naomi glanced at her handcuffed wrist. “All right,” she said in an attempted show of bravery, which she feared fooled neither of them. “We will talk.” She grasped at her last shred of courage, lifted her chin, and squared her shoulders. “Then we will see about this!”

“Good.” Tía stood to get off the bus and dragged the girl along as she hid the handcuffs with her scarf. “It is a short walk from here to mi casa. Trust me. This will work out well for both of us.”

They left the bus stop, turned right at the first corner, walked a block, turned right again, and continued past three houses. Naomi’s eyes darted in all directions, frantic to find anyone who would help her. There was no one on the street.


If Naomi knew God personally, she might have remembered Psalm 33:20 were it says, “We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield.” Or maybe she would have prayed the words of Psalm 17: 8, praying,  “Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings,” and they comforted her. However, having grown up in a place where her Bible and her very existence were forbidden, she did not know these words of comfort.

Perhaps that is your experience. On the other hand, you might have heard about this God but believe him dead, or worse, one who does not care. No matter what you think or why, whether you have ever known God or not, one thing is true, The Creator of the Universe cares for you.

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