Tía Reveals her Plans, by Paula Rose Michelson

It has been a bumpy ride for Naomi! We watched her deal with the death of the kindhearted old blind woman she had companioned for a year, and saw her turned over to immigration. While she awaited her interview our heart beat might have quickened. When she was rescued by the old Tía, we might have breathed a sigh of relief, and having felt her safe we might have been as shocked as she was to find herself handcuffed and dragged to the old house. Now all seems well for Tía has stood up for her, so let us conclude the first chapter, A Safe Haven.

~~~~~The Text

While they headed to the kitchen, Naomi considered all she had seen and heard. She believed the old woman could make what she said a reality and smiled. “Gracias, thank you. I have never  been safe anywhere before.”

“I suspected that was the case,” her tía said as she unpacked their meal.

“Why did you think that?” Naomi asked, surprised that she felt comfortable enough to ask.

“Am I a fool? No one as young as you leaves her home and family and travels with others unless there is something painful that continues to occur.” Vida looked at Naomi and smiled. “I do not know your story, but I sense that you have run from something. Perhaps here you will find something worth running toward.”

Naomi nodded as they sat down to eat.

During their dinner, her tía confided, “All I will teach you has a purpose and a plan. Even the clothes I have selected for you to wear.”

“These?” Naomi tried to sound grateful while she glanced at her apparel.

“Yes, my little mouse. I want you to be safe and grow into whatever you are to become. I chose these garments so no attention will be paid to you.” Tía waited for Naomi to respond. When the girl said nothing she asked, “Have you ever watched a flower grow?”

“Well, no … not really.”

“I have,” her tía said, eyes bright with remembering. “A beautiful flower needs to be protected. These clothes are part of your protection. While you are with me, you can develop your unique talents. I will give you as much encouragement as I can. However, to the rest of the world you are to appear as invisible as I can make you. Then when it is time for you to bloom, you will become visible. Do you understand?”

“I think so.” Naomi wondered if her tía might care for her since she had gone to so much trouble on her account. “I will do as you ask. And I will try to show you how much I appreciate all you have done for me.”

Tía sighed and stared off into the distance. “You all say that when you first arrive, but confinement in this house will probably make you resent me, as well as this imposed situation. If that happens, be sure that I do not see you looking forlorn or hear words of regret. Understand?”

Sí, yes.” Now Naomi knew that her tía and Victory had placed themselves in peril to rescue her. “I understand!”

Visibly shaken by the girls affirming response, tía said, “Yes well … Now let us eat and get to bed. It is already after eight, and our day starts early.”

When their meal was over, Tía stifled a yawn while they cleared the table.

“I will finish here. Please go to bed.”

“But I have not given you your instructions.”

“Do you have them written down?”

The old woman eyed Naomi closely. “Can you read English?”

“I can! It is one of the reasons Abuela Sophia chose me.”

“Good.” Tía reached into the pantry and pulled out a yellow binder. “Everything you need to know is in here. Read it all tonight, but be sure to get some sleep.”

Naomi took the binder. “I have done well on little sleep before.”

“I am sure you have.” Her tía yawned as she left the kitchen. “You have probably learned to do well with little of everything. I pray that God will allow me to rectify that in some small way while you are here. After all, everyone deserves to feel valued.”

Naomi stood at the kitchen’s threshold and watched her tía walk down the hall. When the old woman reached her bedroom door, she turned back, looked at her, smiled, and said, “Naomi, welcome to mi casa, and welcome to America!”

~~~~~~Authors Comment and Reflective Questions

Were there ever sweeter words to our heroine than Tía’s “Naomi, “Welcome to mi casa, and welcome to America,” I wonder? And that wondering leads me to ask myself and you, dear reader:

Can we really know another person if we do not know ourselves?

If we know ourselves well does that mean that what we think or believe will never change?

If we change our thoughts and beliefs does that mean that we were unsure before and/or are we unsure now?

Did we change because others or situations threatened us or caused us to change or is change inevitable?

~~~~~Relevant Scripture & Authors Take

One could paraphrase Proverbs chapter 23 verse 7, to say,  As a man thinks so he is.

Or one could remember another Scripture that shows some their folly when they read, Judges 21:24-25 for it says that, …in that day everyone did what was right in their own sight.

Though the above passages sound different, put together as one continuous thought they show mans condition for they read: In that day everyone did what was right in their own sight. Therefore, as each person thought they acted, and their actions defined each of them.

If you are wondering why I have posted these words and my take on how they show us ourselves it is because I believe that an unexamined life traps the one living is. However, the examined life allows one to change, grow, rethink, and move on.

Please contact me and tell me what you think.

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