It Would Have Been Enough! by Paula Rose Michelson

Although Naomi’s dream is about to come true, it is important to remember that any change is stressful.

~~~~~Reflective Questions

Have you been in a situation that caused you to think your dream could never be realized?

What would you do if you knew your dream was going to come true before you were ready?

Have you had a dream come true before you where ready? What happened? What did you do?

The Text~~~~~

                Naomi set Tía’s breakfast tray down on her bed. Tía picked up her newspaper and noticed its rumpled pages. “I see you are becoming interested in other things.”
                The young woman realized her tía knew she had read the paper before putting it on her tray and blushed. “I will be leaving soon. I have to learn something about this land if I am to make my way in it.”
                “I suppose.” Tía waved her away. As an afterthought, she added, “In my office are books that will assist you. Read them if you like.”
                “Yes, Tía.” Naomi exited the room, closed her sponsor’s door, smiled, and whispered to herself, “She will keep her word to me.”
                The next morning when Naomi brought in her breakfast tray, Tía smiled at her. “All the other girls I brought here were content with whatever they learned with in the casa. However, since you wish to know more, I will give you some additional information about this land and how to manage your way in it.”
                Setting the tray on the bed, Naomi responded to what she assumed was Tía’s wordless invitation and sat down on her bedroom chair. Aware that she had done the unthinkable, she stood immediately.
                Tía observed her reaction and chuckled. “You have done all I asked of you and done it well. However, to become a student you will need to sit and listen. You may want to write things down so you will have your notes to refer to later on.”
                “Good.” Naomi grinned.
                “Why so excited?”
                “Because I thought I would leave here as I came.”
                The old woman rose from her bed and motioned for Naomi to follow. She entered her office and sat at her desk. “None of you believes me when I say I will follow through with what I promised.”
                Naomi sat down across from her. “Tía, I came to you with nothing. You sheltered me. You gave me a way to remain in this country. If that was all you did for me, it would have been enough.”
                “Yes … well …” Tía fought back tears. She opened her desk drawer and picked up a document. “Now we begin.”

~~~~~Authors' Comment

During the Passover Sedar, Jews sing “Dayenu!” The translation, “It would have been enough,” holds special meaning for each person because during this, the greatest of all Jewish celebrations, each Jew is exhorted to think of themselves as if they, not their ancestors, had been lead from slavery to Pharaoh by the mighty hand of God.

~~~~~Authors’ Observation

When we approach a situation or an individual as if we are owed something we miss the blessing. Furthermore, we might come across as headstrong, uncaring, or worse. Since you may not be a Jew or find yourself held captive as Naomi was, dayenu takes on a different aspect reminding you that if you chose to use this simple word with a powerful message it can remind you that enslavement to something is a choice that can be undone.

Since some of you might think I’m misguided or unaware, below I have posted the scripture I base my claim upon.

Isaiah 52:3 For this is what the Lord says: “You were sold for nothing, and without money you will be redeemed.”

Passover and Dayenu are all about redemption. Not the redemption found in the world, but the redemption the Lord offers. So to quote a section from Isaiah 52 “…Free yourself from the chains on your neck…” 

Today dear reader, I wish both the Lords shalom (peace which transcends all understanding), and his dayenu (which allows you to chose another path).

Until next time, may you feel free to chose your blessing,
And chose your life! 

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