A Reprobate, a Philanthropist, or a Husband, by Paula Rose Michelson

What others plan for us might seem to come true, at least on the surface. However, under all their expectation is the reality that when given few choices one might agree without intending to fulfill a commitment. Perhaps you are like Naomi and me wishing to create no need for others to examine us too closely and find us wanting we have taken what appears to be the easy route. Yet within every choice come a myriad of other choices and expectations. If we were to look backward and examine what happened, I believe we would see that Gods plan for us occurs whether we took the easy of difficult road. Mine, Naomi’s, and perhaps your journey has, at times, been stressful. However, the good news is that we now know much more than we did when we began, and those others who seemed to have it easy, traveled down a different road yet learned what they were supposed to learn, which proves to me that God; thought not orchestrating our lives, does know the end from the very beginning.

The Text

                “Padre, that sigh sounds like it has come from a man who has a great weight within his spirit. Are you burdened, my friend?”
                “Many things concern me. I have burdens and worries for some who are in my care.”
                “I know what you mean. I am concerned that we have not acted well for Naomi’s sake, and this weighs heavy on my heart.”
                “I understand. But what can we do? She is a woman now set in her ways. She needs no one.”
                “That is true. However, that does not mean that she is complete. We know a woman needs a man just as we need our faith in God.”
                The priest frowned. “What are you suggesting?”
                “Oh, have you not heard?” Ralph asked with a wide-toothed grin.
                “One of Naomi’s reprobates has become a philanthropist.”
                “And how did this come about, my son?”
                “It seems that Naomi gave him a few dollars when he was in a bad way. I understand she had him sign her pledge book. The rest of the story is as unlikely as her own is. I have heard it repeated that he said from that day to this, he kept his pledge. In making it the cornerstone of all he thought and did, he was blessed beyond his capabilities or understanding. All this man now asks is that he may approach the lady with a proposal of marriage.”
                “This must surely be of God. But why would she marry now? She is able to accomplish all she wants without a man. What would motivate her?”
                “Ah, Padre, one should never underestimate the desires of the heart once it is fanned,” the sly barrister said. “We do not need to promote this union, but let us introduce the man to Naomi and see what God will do. After all, it is not good for a woman to be alone, and as Naomi ages, who will take care of her? Not everyone can be as fortunate as La SeƱora was when she selected the little mouse to care for her and carry on her work. After all, Naomi has done well. Does she not deserve a portion of her life for herself?” The priest was about to answer, but before he could, the attorney added, “And this man, Chaz, has a connection to our lady like none of the others that have visited her before.”
                The priest considered everything the attorney shared, believed the matter settled, and stood to leave. “I see that you have been thinking about the lady’s situation a great deal. She will at least want to meet him and hear his story. Perhaps this is the man.” That said, he turned and walked out of the eatery.
                The attorney followed on the priests heels, reached his office, and called Naomi. When she answered, he asked her to meet the man her actions had saved from, as Chaz himself had put it, “A life without meaning.” Ralph had them meet at his office so the man could explain the effect Naomi’s words had on him and the extraordinary change he experienced once he had signed her pledge book.

Author’s Comments

The attorney has presented so many possible suitors to Naomi that he’s sure she will finally chose this man because they both work to help others and have a unique tie. Perhaps for some mutual goals, a common faith, and language are important. However, I’d like you to close your eyes and picture Naomi: an illegal immigrant, admired by all, a Jew, afraid to tell her best friend about herself. Now consider the two choices facing her, what would you do if you were her? 

Reflective Questions

What have you signed up for?

Do you like your journey so far?

Would you like to make a different choice?


Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

Jeremiah 29:11-12 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”


May you walk in the sure knowledge that God always planned for YOU!

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