An Arranged Marriage, by Paula Rose Michelson

Author’s Observation

It is said that a vacuum must be filled. In Naomi’s case many who thought her to be of no import now want to insure their plans by making certain that she is cared for. I believe many women have experienced something like this. Though I am not a proponent of women’s roles that are unbiblical, I’ve worked with women and know that under all the polite redirect some still believe women need to be cared for. Before you read today’s post, ask yourself:

If someone takes care of a women and all she owns, will she still free to be herself?

Is caring for someone and marrying them the same as loving them?

The Text

                As Naomi’s reputation for caring and good works continued to increase, so did her visibility within the little community. Many took note of her, a self-possessed woman with a sizable dowry and a thriving business. Suitors tried to win her but none knew her well enough to claim her attention. None could draw her heart away from its single focus. Both Padre Paul and the parish’s attorney, Ralph Martinez, tried to introduce her to good men who would look after her and be happy to manage her estate with their assistance. After many failed attempts at matchmaking, they concluded that although the little mouse was no longer timid, she would never marry because she was married to her work.
                Early one April morning, the priest rushed toward the rectory, heard hurried footsteps behind him, and turned back. “Padre Paul,” the attorney rasped as he hurried toward him. “A word please, Padre.”
                “I am on my way to take a rest from the duties of the morning.”
                “But, Padre, I have good news that I know you will want to hear since it concerns our little mouse,” Ralph said with a wink.
                “I am always interested in good news.”
                “Yes, I know you have the welfare of the entire parish on your mind.
                That is why I came to you first. I know how much Naomi’s situation has weighed on your mind.” He redirected the priest’s steps.
                “That is true,” Padre Paul said as they walked along together.
                They reached an eatery the attorney frequented. “Would you like a coffee, my friend?”
                “Sí, gracias, a coffee and a talk, eh?”
                “This place makes good coffee. Let us sit on the patio away from the crowd. I have something to discuss with you in private.”
                His curiosity aroused, Padre Paul raised no objection when the attorney pulled him inside, lead him to the patio, and selected a table. The good padre ordered the coffee Mr. Martinez recommended. Once their coffee arrived, he drank slowly and settled into his chair. Since the attorney seemed to be taking his time, the priest looked around. It is comfortable out here. He took another pull of his espresso and watched the pigeons descend upon the remains of a meal on a nearby table. They behave as some people do. He believed Ralph had brought him to the eatery to hatch another scheme. As he considered how to sidestep becoming involved in another failed attempt at matchmaking, he remembered he had told the attorney that he was no longer interest in wrestling control of the estate from Naomi. When the attorney had questioned his decision, he had informed Ralph that he believed Naomi had proven to be as competent as she was caring. While he thought about their heated exchange, he sighed. He knew that though the attorney had heard him, Ralph would still try to involve him in his schemes.

Today’s Scripture has always helped me sort out offers, perhaps it will do likewise for you.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Until we meet again; may the peace of Adonai surround you.

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