Naomi and Chaz Meet, by Paula Rose Michelson

The Text
                Ralph had them meet at his office so the man could explain the effect Naomi’s words had on him and the extraordinary change he experienced once he had signed her pledge book.
                “It was as if I was one dirty and thrown away by life, lying in the gutter, defiled by the refuse of the world,” he told her. “Then a miracle happened to me. Do you know what that miracle was?”
                Mesmerized by this man, Naomi silently shook her head. Chaz’s eyes never left her as he stood, walked over to her, bent down, and softly whispered in her ear, “It was you. You saw me as I could be. What you said to me, the pledge you made me sign, the words you made me say, were
the first positive words I ever took to heart.” Naomi turned her face and looked directly into his eyes so she could see if he was lying.
                Chaz smiled at her. “You changed my life, and this life of mine, it is yours if you will take it.”
                Shocked, Naomi pulled…

Please reflect upon Matthew 6:21
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Now ask yourself: What is my treasure, where is my heart?

Author’s Comment
So far we’ve been experiencing Naomi’s life sentence by sentence as it unfolds—now we’re about to experience the incredible wonder of being loved—and the gut-wrenching pain of knowing that the person who loves us would not feel that way if they knew who we really are. I’m using the term ‘we’ because I believe that all of us, in one way or another, have allowed people to think about us as they do, and that’s understandable because our need to fit in, sometimes causes us to deny ourselves. Yet as we will see denying our reality never…

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From now on, I'll be using excerpts from Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing Book One. I hope to work through a chapter a week without giving to much away so those who are reading the book can enjoy the ride. 

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