Can Running Away Help You Change Your Life? by Paula Rose Michelson

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Text~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

While Tía spoke about saving young girls—her niñas, she called them—from deportation, Naomi understood a little about what she had agreed to and her heartbeat slowed. Her thoughts drifted to the letter from her uncle and her plans to find him once she had arrived safely in America. She placed her free hand in her skirt pocket and felt the letter’s edge, worn rough from her family’s continual folding and unfolding of this breath of freedom from across the ocean. She could not remember a time before the letter from her tío for his description of the bright promise of America had given her family hope. Whenever life became bitter and difficult, her parents would pull it out and read it to the family. Then they would commit to each other, “Next year in America!” instead of the customary “Next year in Jerusalem!” as every Jew says at the end of the Passover meal. For, to them, America was the promised land. Naomi fingered the letter’s edge and silently promised, I will find you, mi tío. I will find you as soon I am able.

Tía continued to talk while she dragged Naomi through the vestibule. The girl stumbled, righted herself, and noticed the parlor on her left. When Tía stopped to put her mail on the sideboard, Naomi looked around. No one would ever suspect that a house so unkempt on the outside had such comfortable furnishings within. She wondered at the absurdity of her looking at the place and thinking as she had, rather than trying to find a way to flee, and reminded herself that although she was in America; nothing had changed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Authors Observation~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today we see Naomi’s situation through her eyes, as she realizes the sad truth that nothing has changed. Whether this is really true or not, does not matter. For as we believe we are, and we continue in that belief until something within us changes thereby allowing us to own a new reality.

Friends, helpers, or even family members may try to assist with our changing perceptions, or help us reground ourselves. If you wonder why many chose to get involved, the reasons are as varied as the colors of the rainbow. However, it is sufficed to say that if the rainbow colors they speak of are theirs you might not end up living the life you ought.

The truth that I learned many years ago and continue to relearn when difficult situations occur is that no one can fix what we are going through. As much as they wish us well, they can, however, impede our learning what we need to so that we can move on.


Who can you go to that will love and not judge you?

Must others believe that your truth is true before you will feel valued?

What can you tell yourself that will allow you to own your own reality? 

Although I do not know how you will respond to the questions posted today, here is a Scripture that helped me on my way. I hope it will speak to your heart as they did mine.

When I read, Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well, I discovered that there was someone I could rely on who had already given me what I needed.

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