Wondering Why? by Paula Rose Michelson

Wonder why the cluster of 81 people following this blog through NetWorked Blogs is missing? It's simply a matter of remaining true to first things first. Firstly, I felt called to write, and God gifted my work. Before the book this blog was named for was printed I decided to begin this blog as a means of connecting with readers and others that might become readers.

Since my first blog, "Year of 5,000 Books," was posted on Face Book, I felt this one should appear there as well. Almost from its inception, my "Casa de Naomi Reflections Blog" seemed to come under some sort of scrutiny. Last week I tried to link my new posting on this blog to Face Book. The system informed me that this blog was spammy and dangerous! I sent several inquires through the system to no avail.

Perhaps it was that nameless, faceless systems lack of response, or perhaps it was a bigger picture of what a blog could be and how limiting it is for someone no one had ever seen or met, or may not exist to label another's work that led me to pull the blog. I may never know for sure exactly what motivated me. What I do know is this, numbers or pictures of people following do not a following make anymore than dying ones hair red makes them a redhead.

You are the reason this blog exists! So please drop by often and invite your friends to check out the postings as well. And, if you feel that this blog needs your in put, please be sure to leave your comments or critiques.

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