Yes! God is Involved in the Details! By Paula Rose Michelson

As some of you might have noticed, on the 14th of this month I removed this blog from Face Books NetWorked Blogs, and the following day I deleted my Year of 5,000 Books blog as well. While on my Face Book page today, I noticed that the system showed that I write a blog. When I checked NetWorked Blogs I found that they must have reinstated this blog.

This is amazing!

Why, you might wonder, is this amazing?

Because although FB had told me that this Blog was smappy and dangerous, in hindsight, I found myself wondering if the issue was one of having two blogs posted there. Besides, I missed all of YOU! So hallelujah, Casa de Naomi Reflections is back!

I’ll be posting to this blog next week and look forward to seeing all of you then!  

If you haven’t joined me before, I post excerpts from Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing Book 1, and post some reflective questions that you can answer or not, as you chose.

Interested in the idea, but want to know more before you buy the book? You can watch the trailer at: To watch the trailer, visit

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