Here We Are! But where is Naomi? by Paula Rose Michelson

Authors’ Question and Comment: Every wonder why you're not experiencing the life you thought you would? This is Naomi’s issue. In fact, that thought caused her to flee Spain. This same type of thinking places her in such peril that she takes a road few would choose if another choice were available.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Text~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

            “Here we are.” The old woman opened the latch on the weathered gate, which led to her casa, pulled Naomi in, and shut the gate firmly behind her. Naomi heard the latch close and knew she had given up much more than she had gained. She wished to be anywhere but where she was and shivered with apprehension while the woman dragged her up the path… and pulled her up the porch stairs. Once they were on the landing, the old woman opened her mailbox and retrieved her mail. Naomi sneaked a furtive glance at the place and realized the shutters and front door were as weathered as the gate. Aware that behind that foreboding door lay the unknown; she looked at the handcuff that encircled her wrist and grimaced.

            “Come.” Tía pulled Naomi to the door’s threshold. They stood under the porch light while she dug in her purse for her keys and muttered, “I know they are in here.” She found them, selected a key, and worked it into the lock. “What is your name?” She opened the door and motioned for the girl to enter. “Naomi, I … I thought you heard … that.”

            “No, I did not. I had only one thing on my mindI had to get you out of there before someone came in and questioned you.”

            “Oh! You … you … were afraid for me.”

            “Now let us understand each other. I have an obligation to help young women like you!” The old woman pulled the girl across the threshold and locked the door behind her. “I have done so before and will most likely do this again. Those I help work for me or for someone else in the community until their debt is paid. Then I help them find a job or a husband.”


Has someone planned your life for you?
Why did they think they had the right to do that?

Did you smiled and agree to everything they suggested, or struggle with the realization that you had to agree?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~From My Side of the Fence ~~~~~~~~~

For years I had to yield my will to my parents. That might not sound too difficult except both my Mom and Dad were linear thinkers, as was my brother. I had an artistic flare. Where they saw absolutes, I saw unlimited possibilities. Where they wanted me to walk as they did, I wanted to explore. And it being the 60’s when I graduated high school, I was certain that I was right because everything was changing. Yet, I never put myself in the tenuous situation that our heroine now faces. If I had I might have done as Naomi has for I like her had never read, Ephesians 2:10which says, For we are God’s handiwork, created… to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Now you might wonder what kind of good works Naomi, me, or even you could do. In fact you might even think I’m loopy because I am suggesting that no matter what we are facing if we chose to bless others, blessings multiply, and we are blessed.

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